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 Role Playing

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PostSubject: Role Playing   Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:14 am

The following are permissions to rping on Zaltana...
This is a PG13 site!! Keep it clean

Everyone needs a figure to role play with which means creating. Only restrictions around this are NONE. Thatís right all forms of life are allowed on here, canine, feline, reptile, mythical, spiritual, primitive humans or anything else I have yet to mention.

How many main characters may I have?

You may have at least one of each species

Can I Rp in multiple territories with the same character?

NO, you can't be in two places at once so why should your character :P

Editing a already made Character

When this happens editing your posted character's topic is suggested to keep things current for other people interested in your rp (examples will be given)

Whatís a side character?

A side character is something created at a spur of a moment when writing a post. These are allowed to a degree and can be posted under the territory section. These allow more spunk to rping then just using your main character. (More on this later)

A total of ten side characters can be claimed at this moment
*You must post the character under side characters to claim it*


When posting your creative submission into rp make sure its at least readable and clean. Warnings will be made if I or a moderator find it offensive, repulsive, or just plan mean.

How creative can I be?

Be as creative as you want...except for a few rules on this issue
You can not kill another personís character or 'side character'.

When attacking anther's main character you can only announce your about to do it and it is up to the other person to ether agree to be hit or to say they dodged the attack. Now when I say this it doesnít mean your character is god and can never be touched. Try to be reasonable.

Side characters are open for anyone's use unless you claim it under the territory section for side characters.

Make sure you read up on your characters species and the territory you will be rping in (descriptions will be provided)

(will post more on this subject later)
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Role Playing
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