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 Where have you been Skye???

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PostSubject: Where have you been Skye???   Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:44 pm

Man where to start x.x

First off let me just say that i have the worst luck when it comes to keeping computers and internet alive. Second, photoshop seems to die a lot and third i just gave up completely on trying to do work via computer.

Five months later my laptop dies a second time after investing and putting time into it to work. So I threw my hands in the air once again, screamed a little...twitched and spas a while longer. After that was all done I hooked up my most beloved computer after ten months of trying to get internet for my room. Tada now i have internet ;_;

Lets just hope this time nothing dies x.x

Your lovely little cuddle bud,
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Where have you been Skye???
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