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PostSubject: .::Matt::.   Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:57 pm

Name: Matt.

Gender: Male.

Species: Wolf.

Appearance: He has dark blue eyes, almost the color of a murky ocean. His fur, is a slightly dark brown, chestnut color. It's very messy on the top of his head, and has an orange tint around his eyes. His fur over all is alittle messy, and seems un kept to a point, that point being a fine point. He is skinny around the waist, but yet muscular on his legs.

Personality: Matt has quite a small range off moods, or at least that he shows, one thing rather noticeable about him is how lazy he can be. Such as the many times he has fallen asleep when others talk to him. He can be very blunt, not choosing his words before he speaks, but in other cases he may happen to. The other cases being when he is around somebody he admires, without a second thought, he would follow them. Even if he knew it would cause himself pain, why he is this way, is unknown to most. Sometimes he even wonders himself, before deciding not to bother with such things.
He can be very temperamental when hurt emotional, though hardly ever physical because he can take that kind of pain quite well.
Very little things interest or amuse him and his genius mind, that he truely does happen to have. Not that he would let that show, never the less though he has a very laid back nature most of the time. Preferring to spend time inside some cave sleeping, rather then out and about. His habits are fairly easy to guess, he is always doing one thing or another, or at one place or another. Most of the time he can be quite predictable. When he wants to be that is…

History: His history is simple, he was born and raised by his mother and father, who was a pack leader at the time. All the other pups that were in the litter with him. Had died, he honestly didn't care though, considering he never made a connection with his 'brothers and sisters' After all can't love something you never had. Though growing up, he was allways lazy, and the pack considered him to be quite the let down when he got to be two. So they kicked him out. He didn't care though, and still does not. He has been on his own for a year now, and is doing just fine.

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PostSubject: Re: .::Matt::.   Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:04 pm

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