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PostSubject: .::Ghost::.   Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:22 pm

Name: Ghost.

Gender: Male.

Species: Raccoon.

Appearance: He is Albino, thus pure white. His eyes are red, and his is very skinny and under weight. There is nothing more and nothing less, about his looks. He has a very simple look.

Personality: Anti Social at points, but he tries to get along with others. He has random outbursts of anger, and tends to yell a lot making others think he may be Bi-Polar. And he is by all means, but he is still quite nice if you manage to get on his good side. There truly isnít much of a good side, sadly though.
He has extreme issues when it comes to anybody trying to do whatís best for him as most put it, he likes to do things on his own and will try and beat the crap out of anybody who tells him other wise.
He would be classified as depressed, though him being Bi-Polar is the biggest problem of all. He isnít all the found of most anything.

History: He grew up as a normal raccoon, and left on his own when he was old enough. From there on he has lived a normal life, as most raccoonís do, unless they get killed. He hasnít be of course.

Image: None.
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PostSubject: Re: .::Ghost::.   Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:48 pm

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