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 Past into Present

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PostSubject: Past into Present   Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:03 pm

Past into Present:

1st Part:

"Who could ever seen such a place! Full of wounder and magic!" said the old man in ecstatic. No one really payed much attention to him. He would sit in the same corner every day, staying close to his whiskey while he looked through your chest with his milky ice eyes."No man could dare take a step into that world!" he would chuckle. "Gods little place of paradise and freedom that would experiment with are minds." He said slowing his breathing. "No man could dare be aloud in except -- they couldn't be kept from entering." he said with a frown. He took a swig of his warm whiskey from the broken bottle as he looked to the ground. He would then pass out for the night. No one would take the time to steer him in his noise sleep. Until that one horrible day I came through...
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Past into Present
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