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 Into the lions mouth

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PostSubject: Into the lions mouth   Thu Jun 19, 2008 3:09 pm

Red heat scorching the deserts palm. Dry cracks sway like vines in the grounds parched dirt. Deep howls blow through a brownish white mane. Hooves beat into the dirt spreading sand into the air. Dry and cracked are the hooves of the paint. Her heart beats in thrill following behind a white horse. A man holds steady on the paints back, focused on the white horse in front of them. Hooves beating against hooves. The small white horse looks behind her to see she is not fast enough to loose this paints pursuit. She heads into the peoples city in search of an escape with the paint right behind her with its master on its back.

(Mp me before joining this RP "Into the lions mouth")
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Into the lions mouth
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